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The Settlers are Evil!

This is what the New York Times is reporting, while basically accusing people of attempted murder with no hard evidence whatsoever. Isabel Kershner, proving she either has no journalistic integrity to speak of, or a weak mental capacity (or both), describes Prof. Sternhell, the victim of a pipebomb attack at his home, as having made “impassioned critiques of Jewish settlements in the West Bank”. Legitimizing murder is an “impassioned critique”?

Also, what is this headline – “Radical Settlers Take on Israel“? The New York Times regularly reports on the latest Peace Now report accusing a large section of Israeli society of land theft (by manipulating Civil Administration data and maps and then claiming them as a source). I’ve never seen a headline about “Extremist Leftist Movement Takes on Israel”. They are basically characterizing “settlers” as anti-Israel. Every time they write like this they stray farther and farther away from journalism and into the land of (amateurish) punditry.

What I think is almost funny though, Sternhell ascribes so much importance to himself, that he has declared this attack to be the beginning of the end of democracy in Israel.

And I thought jailing minors for nothing was a pretty good sign of democracy’s demise, or maybe a lack of freedom of expression would be undemocratic.

This, by the way, is what is happening while settlers are busy practicing witchcraft – freedom of worship is not granted by the protégés of Israel’s premier expert of the demise of democracies. Freedom of assault is clearly a well-known tenet of democracy.

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