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Two State Solution – Fatahland and Hamastan?

For years, the world seems to already have the answer to Israeli-Arab conflict. It’s called the “Two-State Solution.” Solution to what, however? What exactly will the formation of two states solve?

Allegedly, this is the answer to war – there will be peace. An honest belief that simply creating two states between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River will bring about peace ex machina, is the result of either serious delusion or the campaign of misinformation waged against Israel. It will not create peace – national aspirations of sovereignty are only the tip of the enormous iceberg of problems that comprise the Israeli-Arab conflict.

As Giora Eiland writes, “The Palestinian ethos is based on values such as justice, victimization, revenge, and above all, the ‘right of return.’” In other words, Israel has no place. As cliche as it sounds, Gaza is proof. It is a clear-cut example that our Arab neighbors do not want to rule themselves, do not want to help their own, do not accept Israel in any way shape or form.

In his piece at Ynet, Eiland offers a number of different solutions for the regional conflict. I do not quite agree with any of them, but the end of the “two state orthodoxy” is a good step in the right direction.

Not every problem can be solved by Western powers drawing more lines in the sand. Doing that in the first place after WWI contributed greatly to the mess in the greater Middle East today. It’s time to realize that the gospel of two states has to be re-examined.

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  1. Nobody says:

    My problem with the “two state solution” isn’t so much that it’s dumb, which it is, but that it’s been so widely accepted that it’s now used as a stand-in for “peace,” which used to be the end to which “two states” was only a means.

    This is mostly the fault of President George W. Bush’s “vision” (he must be one of the only sane men alive who isn’t ashamed to have spoken publicly about seeing a “vision”) and the way his administration stuck to their talking points so doggedly that they even repeated the word “vision” over and over.

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