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Reading, Misc. Hiatus Edition

I’m on a trip home, and so Occidental Israeli will be updated rather sparsely over the next month. In the mean time, some reading:

  1. Cell phone idealism.
  2. Misguided.
  3. Trendy ingrates.
  4. Rise in home births.
  5. The future of Yiddish.. in Europe.
  6. Breaking up is hard to do.
  7. Positive signs. Finally.
  8. Halacha in shuls.
  9. Zion.
  10. Home.

The latest Haveil Havalim is up at Jewschool.

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  1. LB says:

    It is based on that song. I had no idea. Unlike too many other instances, however, it was not ripped off. According to Hebrew wikipedia, the song is a Hebrew version of L’Italiano.

  2. Ben-Yehudah says:


    You’ve been tagged,…sort of.

    Shanah Tovah wiG’mar Hathimah Tovah!

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