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Reading, Misc.

Reading, Misc. Hiatus Edition

I’m on a trip home, and so Occidental Israeli will be updated rather sparsely over the next month. In the mean time, some reading:

  1. Cell phone idealism.
  2. Misguided.
  3. Trendy ingrates.
  4. Rise in home births.
  5. The future of Yiddish.. in Europe.
  6. Breaking up is hard to do.
  7. Positive signs. Finally.
  8. Halacha in shuls.
  9. Zion.
  10. Home.

The latest Haveil Havalim is up at Jewschool.

Reading, Misc. XV

  1. I say continually to my Jewish brothers and sisters: don’t believe the hype about your full scale assimilation and integration into a mainstream.”
  2. Danger to the greatest fruit.
  3. Between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
  4. It is not hummus.
  5. Long distance witnessing. Very long distance.
  6. Good dahl.
  7. Aid. (H/T CiJ)
  8. Wait until the Palestinians stop killing each other.”
  9. Impressive, yet rejected.
  10. Guilt.

This week’s Haveil Havalim at Jack’s, and KCC at Leora’s.

Reading, Misc. XIV

  1. Homeland insecurity (H/T RH).
  2. Ben Gurion’s American vision.
  3. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  4. Israeli economy.
  5. Ten most offensive Israeli ads.
  6. Diversity bad? (H/T MM).
  7. Recession over?
  8. Between Haifa and Yeruham.
  9. Crossword puzzle absence.
  10. The right tax.

And this week’s Haveil Havalim.

Reading, Misc. XIII

  1. Scandanavian friends. (H/T CiJ)
  2. United, but perhaps not for long.
  3. The war over the streets.
  4. Returning to a changing homeland.
  5. The war.
  6. A strike against the camera.
  7. Taking a step away from the bedroom.
  8. Living together?
  9. Stupid.
  10. “It’s vegetarian, it’s healthy, it’s beans.”

Moment Magazine on Israeli blogs (including yours truly), and of course, Haveil Havalim.

Reading, Misc. XII

  1. Legitimacy.
  2. Clinton is wrong.
  3. Will the Dead Sea live?
  4. U.S. Taxpayers’ Damage.
  5. Paying the price for wishful thinking.
  6. What is Kosher?
  7. Another eulogy for marriage.
  8. Don’t what where you eat?
  9. Israeli economy.
  10. Benefits of democracy.

Also, check out the latest Haveil Havalim and JPIX.

Reading, Misc. XI

  1. Liberty at sea.
  2. Calling for the undermining of Israeli sovereignty.
  3. Failing Israeli schools.*
  4. The international Manchester United.
  5. Hope for Jerusalem?
  6. Olympics – not the best city, but the most popular.
  7. Trader Joe’s – a failed boycott.
  8. Absent demonstrators.
  9. Unorthodox Orthodoxy.
  10. The U.S. Military’s Neo-Nazis.

This week’s, and belatedly, last week’s Haveil Havailm.

*The final paragraph, of suggestions, is missing from the English version, and can be found in the original Hebrew.

Reading, Misc. X

  1. Hezbollah’s flex schedule.
  2. Waiter school.
  3. German pensions.
  4. Middle Eastern Hippocratic Oath.
  5. Taibeh.
  6. Law and Order Women.
  7. Even Friedman: “[It's] beyond diplomacy.”
  8. Soviet opiate.
  9. Amazing.
  10. You promise?

Beach blanket havalim.

Reading, Misc. IX

  1. Residents of the Iroquois territory.” (H/T CiJ)
  2. The myth of linkage.
  3. Uncle Moshe had a farm.
  4. The Nazis and Crimean Karaite Jews. (H/T BZ)
  5. Backseat drivers.
  6. American Japanese style.
  7. Are you insane?
  8. “Insulting a section of society.”
  9. “Aid” can be ended. Now.
  10. Awesome.

Haveil Havalim #219 is up.

Reading, Misc. VIII

American memorial day is nothing like the Israeli one.

  1. What are they remembering?
  2. Ineligible for aliyah.
  3. Roger Cohen. Worse than a pawn.
  4. The future of the Israel-India relationship?
  5. Demographic time bomb.
  6. The Federated States of America?
  7. Not only Jerusalem.
  8. Progressives are not liberal.
  9. The FCC thinks it is more important than the police.
  10. This is peace.

The latest Haveil Havalim blog carnival is up.

Reading, Misc. VII

  1. Life without newspapers.
  2. Hats – a necessity, like food.
  3. The white and blue recession is officially here.
  4. 40% believe there was no Holocaust.
  5. What kind of Hebrew in the Bible?
  6. No to another state (H/T CiF).
  7. Bad parents?
  8. New grads whither?
  9. New US ambassador to China?
  10. Tel Aviv has 544 active synagogues.

Also, Haveil Havalim #217 is up.